About our Group of Companies

Group of companies Topix Agro

Starting from the year 2012 the Group of companies Topix Agro offers the complex engeneering solutions for poultry farms and animal hysbandry.

We supply the time-tested reliable equipment, associated consumables, machinery and spares for cattle, poultry, pigs, as well as provide the following services:

  1. Farm projecting, reconstruction, dismantling of agricultural facilities and related infrastructure.
  2. Selection and supply of the appropriate equipment for running farms and their correct functioning.
  3. Mounting of the equipment, fences, technical infrastructure, warehouses and support facilities.
  4. Service and mending of the equipment by our profeccional engineers on spot.
  5. Consulting and educating of your staff.

Our advantages

  • Direct deliveries from the producers
  • Wide experience with big and small farms projects
  • Deliveries to all the countries of CIS
  • Wide range of the items available from our warehouse
  • Prompt mounting of the equipment and infrastructure organizing
  • Qualified service
  • Operative remote counseling or visit to the customer

Modern equipment

Our specialists are implementing the latest technologies for the newly started and long-time running farms, using the experience of the world leaders in the sphere.

We are constantly enlarge the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of usisng the innovative methods, equipment and medicines in the sphere of animal and poultry husbandry for being able to provide the highest-quality help and service for our customers.

By co-operating with the world-leading producers and suppliers Topix Agro chooses the most progressive ways and equipment for running farms, animal care, gathering and keeping the products.

It's time to choose the reliable partner! 

Aliaksei Kapura
Filipovich Ruslan
Head of pig farming department
Avduykevich Diane
Deputy Director for International Affairs
Kizhaev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Production and warehouse logistics
Konstantin Novik
Manager of big livestock farming projects
Klishevskaya Svetlana Mikhailovna
Chief accountant at Topix Agro
Yaroshenko Andrey
Sales Manager
Shilvyan Anna
Sales Manager
Trus Denis Sergeevich
Manager of dairy and pig farming projects
Bolandenko Ekaterina Evgeievna
Sales manager of consumables and spare parts for dairy farming
Gapienko Aleksei Evgenievich
Lishenko Yaroslav Petrovich
Warehouse manager


Among our clients are leading enterprises from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and small farms from whole CIS territory as well.


We can equip livestock complexes with equipment of the world's leading and Belarusian manufacturers.
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