Company group "Topix Agro"

Company group Topix Agro always strive to development and on the alert for new ideas. Our common accomplishment is our team environment where most qualified and newcomers feel comfort and are open to communication and sharing of experience. We are interested in people who are willing to contribute to common goals.

If you wants to work on real production, have career growth in the field associated with the development, manufacture and sale of industrial ventilation equipment and become a member of stable and growing company, then you should come to Topix Agro!

Our advantages

  • Metal shot blasting
  • Component manufacturing
  • Cutting of metal sheet using plasma and gas cutting machines
  • Assembly and welding of metalworks
  • Production of electric-welded beams
  • Shot blasting of finished products ( 2 stage)
  • Сutting of rolled metal
  • Painting

Modern equipment

Our specialists are mostly equipped with modern high-precision technological facilities

What we can offer you:

Montage process of ventilation equipment is no less important than the process of its design and manufacturing. Quality of montage work determine correct functioning of the whole set of equipment. Managing and control of montage brigade by manufacturer of system allows possibility to correct immediately the process of work and eliminate some possible errors. Below you can find some problems that fitters can face with in process of ventilation system montage:

1.  Inaccuracy of measurements of room sizes and thickness of the overlaps that was carried out during the development of the project - most often it occurs when designing, repair or building are going in parallel. In this case it may be necessary to increase or shorten the air ducts, install elements that were not provided in project - and this may necessitate a change in some settings of the equipment operation.

2.  The customer does not agree to punch the walls in the places provided by the project - the air ducts have to be laid in another way.

3.  Отдельные агрегаты в системе дают сбой и нужно оперативно определить его причину. Individual units in the system fail and fitters should find out where the failure occurred.

Who we need:

Just specialists that representing manufacturer are able to solve arising problems as quickly as possible and to meet the schedule. Their participation in the work of installers significantly reduces the percentage of possible errors and malfunctions that can occur after the final start of the ventilation system. Supervised installation – is a guarantee of trouble-free operation of the entire equipment package that increases its reliability and service life.

Representatives of company have all the necessary competences for providing professional control of installation and commissioning of the ventilation system of any complexity - whether ventilation of a small cafe or a large-scale system for supplying and extracting air from a huge production hall. Our services save time and money!

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