Modern equipment allows to increase the efficiency of work and maximize profit. However, even the most reliable mechanisms and devices need constant care, regular checks and diagnostics.

All these measures can significantly extend the useful life of equipmentand reduce the likelihood of downtime in the work of agricultural enterprises.

TOPIX AGRO GROUP specialists offer complex service of such types of equipment:

- milking machines, mechanism for purification of milk, milk storage containers;

- feeding systems for cattle, pigs and poultry;

- mechanisms for removal and collection of manure-waste mass;

- systems for microclimate maintaining: air ventilation, heating and fog generation equipment.

We can replace separate parts and whole mechanism, production lines, thus minimize losses of time and income from forced downtime.

All work can be done without interrupting the production process.

Our experts are ready to develop projects of regular surveys of the farm by it’s staff and schedule of inspections with help of specialized tools.

Always remember: prevention is always cheaper than repair, and timely repair is cheaper than any breakage.

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