Technology projecting

Why us?

Specialist of Topix Agro Company develop and implement projects for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing agricultural enterprises. We design construction projects for livestock complexes and poultry farms of different sizes.Within the shortest possible period of time we can arrange all necessary work for turnkey projects of farms for growing of milk and meat cattle herds, small farm animals (goats, sheep, pigs) and poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks).

We develop our projects according to international standards that allow to reduce costs at all stages of building, reconstruction and further operation of an agricultural enterprise. Set of technical documentation includes all necessary calculations and drawing for construction. Moreover, we add financial calculations of profitability, payback periods and the possibility of growth in the future.

Our advantages

  • Wide experience in animal and poultry husbandry
  • Deep knowledge of the equipment that we use in our projects
  • Сost reduction on the stage of realization of the project

Core activities of Topix Agro Group

in technical design:

1. design of general construction plan of  large-scale or narrow-scale livestock farm (for one or more animal species);

2. projecting of cowshed, pig farms, poultry farms, hatcheries according to certain parameters (available area, required livestock, production volumes);

3. reconstruction or redevelopment of existing infrastructure and intensification of production.

Depends on requests our specialists create individual, typical and experimental projects. For operation of launched projects we can prepare technical documents for design and production of special equipment for this project, work schedule and adjustment of service methods. 

During design process we prepare all necessary drawing and plans:
- stall equipment, cages;
- climate regulation system: heating modes, ventilations and air-conditioning;
- barrier of closed and opened spaces of animal keeping;
- feeding and drinking systems;
- milking equipment and egg-collecting mechanisms ;
- modular farms for fast implementing or moving ( optimal variant for seasonal projects);
- rubber floor coatings;
- system for removing and collecting of manure.

To order construction project please contact our specialist using feedback form.

We are ready to implement project of any difficulty in shortest period of time!

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